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EREZ is a 25 year old ‘left field’ vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist originally from New York City who grew up in Israel and is currently based in Los Angeles.


Her timeless soulful sound and unique jazzy voice brought her national attention and rave reviews in Israel’s major media outlets and among audiences. After releasing her debut album ‘Proper Lady’ in 2015, she was hailed as one of the freshest and innovative singer-songwriters on the music scene. The first single off the album, ‘Blending in the Universe,’ featured in an episode of ‘CONNECTED’ - an AOL series. In March 2016 Feedbands released the album internationally on vinyl, and she appeared on Balcony TV’s worldwide channel.


EREZ has always written against the clear and strong biases young women deal with. “To me it’s all about self-empowerment, not needing permission to express who I am as an artist and a woman.” Nearly all of EREZ’s lyrics are written from a strong female point of view. They assume agency, do not apologize for a bit of muscle flexing, and celebrate a woman’s way with love, sexuality and creativity. 


​After a successful tour with her band on the East Coast, performing at the Kennedy Center, Soho House Manhattan and Sofar Sounds, along with many other New York venues, EREZ decided to move to Los Angeles in the summer of 2017.

Living in Los Angeles marks a new chapter for EREZ. She is working towards releasing her solo music in Summer 2018. This is the most honest music she has produced since she is challenging herself to be more vulnerable. Diving into the complexity of issues, being true and strong for herself and others, understanding that life is often lived in the grey zone, all this is what she tries to get down in her songs. “Running” one of her new soon to be released singles, reflects how a woman can be in love with a man whose fears also cause heartache. It’s not naiveté or helplessness that accepts this uneasy situation, but an understanding of human frailties, a mature patience and compassion for the struggle to love despite the fears.


While gearing up towards releasing her new music, she is finishing an EP with Sapphire Adizes (Berhana) with whom she has formed a new duo. In the past year EREZ has collaborated with many talented musicians and producers around Los Angeles who have worked with Anderson Paak., Terrace Martin,  Dr. Dre, Mndsgn, Michael Jackson and Sergio Mendes, as well as becoming part of the team of Grammy award winning producer, composer, and music director Marius De Vries (La La Land, Moulin Rouge, U2, David Bowie).








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